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Instantly obtain your prospects' personal Home & Auto insurance policy data

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Empower your clients to sync policies in order to access prescriptive service, advice, and price in relation to their existing coverage

How It Works

Access Fully-Verified Existing Policy Data From Your Customers to Streamline & Hyper-Personalize their Experience

Make it easy to do business with you

Save 30 minutes you’d otherwise spend gathering data in order to present a quote. Your customers need recommendations, not headaches.

Offer prescriptive reccomendations

Anchor your recommendations to your customer's existing coverage. Are they over-insured? Under? Glaring gaps? Kick that old "insurance is sold not bought" adage to the curb

Unlock new & incremental revenue

Agents enjoy up to 4x higher conversion rates when customers are empowered by the simplicity of syncing live auto and home coverages. 

Level up your marketing funnel

84% of policy shoppers report they’d prefer the option of sharing policy data in exchange for personalized service, advice, price. Take the friction out of their search. 

Instantly obtain and review 100+ insurance data elements

Trusted by over 1,700 agents!

180+ Carriers Supported

All major and second tier providers comprising of 98% of all active Auto & Home policies in the United States

Instantly Collect All Coverage Data

Access dec pages, previous claims, ID cards, binders, asset Info, VINs, and 100+ additional fully verified data elements 

Generate & Deploy Your 'Sync Link' In Seconds

Embed your policy sync link directly to your site, quoting app, or just deploy via email or text to your customers

No Coding Required

We're serious. Retrieved policy data routes to your email, our platform, and/or directly to your AMS or Rating platforms of choice 

Distributing Your Sync Link & Use Cases

Verify the enriety of your prospect's current coverage details

Amplify your marketing's potency with "sync, compare, and save" call to action

Upsell & cross-sell new and existing clients easily in moments

Generate & distribute your policy links to any affiliate partner

Retarget prospects when their renewal dates are upcoming

Recover abandoned and uncontacted prospects

See what agents are saying about us


“The Fize platform is a secret weapon for us. Being able to talk to clients about the realities of their existing coverage vs their needs is a game-changer in terms of our sales success."

Sabrina Lee
Norton Insurance Agency

"I absolutely love this tool. An auto dealership in town sent me a referral - and it was clear the prospect wasn't well-versed in insurance details (very, very few are.)

She wasn't able to tell me how much she currently pays or what for. I asked if I could take a peek at her current coverage, and that all she'd need to do is link her coverage via an app like she's linked her checking accounts to Venmo and other financial apps.

You could feel the stress evaporating! I sent her my link and got full access to all of her declaration pages in a matter of seconds."

Todd Adelman
Blue Sky Insurance

"This tool is the best tool to get an upper hand and understand what customers require and what they're currently paying for. By being able to address their current needs by showing them what they have - I haven't found a better tool yet."

Tanya Cantoni
Lakeview Insurance Agency

We are using these links in every email we send out. We edited the link to say - 'Looking for a quote? Click here to send us your policies' Engagement is phenomenal!"

Darren Woods
Alliance Insurance Partners

Modernize and streamline your customer's experience today with Fize For Agents

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